The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a union of 750,000 members, making us the largest organization of electrical workers in North America.

With members in seven sectors – construction, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications, broadcasting, railroad and government – we’re focused on improving their lives and powering an economy that works for all of its citizens.

We represent broadcasting professionals across the U.S. – bringing viewers everything from the Super Bowl and the NCAA finals to your local news and more in nearly all 50 states.

A Leading Voice for Broadcasting Professionals

IBEW members’ solid relationships with management at CBS, Fox Sports and local TV and radio affiliates have ensured decades of win-win solutions for the companies, owners and employees alike.

Our skilled technicians have helped stations and networks win numerous Emmys, prestigious Edward R. Murrow Awards and more at both the national and local level. 

Better Jobs, Better Lives

Union members enjoy superior wages and benefits. The IBEW’s mission is to bring fairness and respect to highly trained, skilled members.

With more than 250 negotiated contracts nationwide, our broadcasting members have won added financial security for their families while working in a fast-moving industry. And by offering members participation in the Entertainment Industry Flex Plan, IBEW technicians receive the top-shelf care and retirement benefits that they deserve for their excellence on the job.

As a member of the IBEW, your voice will be amplified and your on-the-job concerns will be heard by our professional staff. With extensive experience in legal, political and employment issues, our IBEW representatives can help ensure that you receive improved wages and benefits, fair treatment, a safer working environment, additional job security and a harassment-free workplace.

Through our union we achieve a strong voice – one that cannot be easily dismissed by management.